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Consensus Fund

A venture fund with a focus on Technology and Health. This fund is dedicated to supporting innovative companies that are transforming these critical sectors.



An autonomous mobile robot designed for transport and monitoring in indoor vertical farming. Seasony is revolutionizing agricultural efficiency and sustainability.


Advanced technology aimed at optimizing the treatment of heart rhythm disorders. CathVision is at the forefront of medical innovation, improving patient outcomes through cutting-edge solutions.

Our Investment Strategy

At Consensus Invest, we are dedicated to identifying and nurturing pioneering, globally scalable growth companies in Denmark. We invest in carefully selected Danish companies at the early stages of growth, where their business models have been proven and they are ready for scaling.

Our focus is on competent and experienced founding and management teams who create groundbreaking new technologies and products, primarily in the B2B sector. Through our unique model for value creation, we actively contribute to these companies’ growth and performance.

We are not just investors; we are scaling partners. We frequently syndicate with other investors who have strong expertise in the corporate space, enhancing our ability to support and accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies.

Our Partners​

Michael Rehné Christiansen.

CEO & partner

Mr. Michael Frandsen from Mugato


Tomas Vicic Partner

Our Customers

Our Thorough Evaluation Process

It requires knowledge, experience and a strong network to gain access to the good investment opportunities. We have positioned ourselves uniquely in the market as an investor, and at the same time have continuously over the years collaborated with a large number of well-known serial entrepreneurs, venture funds, family offices and business angels, who often invite us to invest with them in their most promising companies. This has given us a strong and uniquely complex dealflow with attractive Danish growth companies.
Before we make an investment, we generally follow the companies for a longer period, and continuously evaluate their performance and market.

Our analysis model ensures a thorough and in-depth 360-degree evaluation and effective due diligence in the companies we invest in. In
addition, we carefully weigh valuation, market context, structure and terms to ensure maximum return potential combined with sensible<br? “downside protection”.

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Become part of our network of investors and receive carefully selected investment opportunities on an ongoing basis.